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Bee Hive building & a place to share howto's on equipment
 #3439  by Chrisbarlow
 08 Jun 2019, 06:36
mikemadf wrote:
08 Jun 2019, 06:13
I make all my nucs from Kingspan/Celotex... About £10 each. I have about 14 of them.. Bees overwinter well in them. And 1/4 size mating nucs - not mini mating nucs ( at under £10 each from BE it's not worth it..)

Any pictures Mike?
 #3440  by Patrick
 08 Jun 2019, 08:28
Now you’ve done it. I’ve never used the stuff but am intrigued to have a go.

How do you join the corners of the kingspan, is it just using adhesive foil tape? Do you coat the exterior with anything, do you “carve” a shelf for frame lugs? Does it need to be lined to stop lugs propolising to the foam? Do you use the 25mm sheets or the 50mm?

I am sure I will have more q’s when I have a go...
 #3446  by Adam Bee
 08 Jun 2019, 17:08
So, Kingspan and Celotex are insulation board?

Interesting... I too wonder how you'd join them. Some form of glue? I assume that you must have to seal the edges to prevent water from getting into the foam? Or not?