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General Q&A, Bee chat and only Bee chat please
 #4764  by thewoodgatherer
 07 Sep 2019, 21:02
When I extract my honey last month I was surprised at the minty/menthol taste which had an almost bitter aftertaste. Well today I opened one of the buckets to jar up and it’s clear it does have a distinct menthol taste. Any ideas what that have been working to get this. We do have mint in the garden but I can’t believe in our rural spot it has had that effect on the honey.
 #4766  by Chrisbarlow
 08 Sep 2019, 09:09
Do you live within 3miles of a sweet factory?

Although if this were the case in past reported incidents it also effects colour quite significantly.
 #4767  by Patrick
 08 Sep 2019, 09:13
That’s a good thought Chris!

I generally get stronger flavours in my summer extraction than my spring one too.

Taking your description literally, do you have acidic wet areas or ditches in your locality? Wild mint can be pretty abundant in warm summers. No idea tbh if the nectar carries minty-ness but likely to?
 #4768  by Chrisbarlow
 08 Sep 2019, 09:16
Or after a quick read up, a book called honey by Jenni Fleetwood. She described lime tree honey as tasting like "green apples with a touch of mint" this. Could be part of the source
 #4769  by Chrisbarlow
 08 Sep 2019, 09:24
And from a quick Google, apparently black locust trees which blossom in spring can give a honey with a hint of mint.
 #4770  by thewoodgatherer
 08 Sep 2019, 10:42
We have a pub next door but apart from that no food business within about 6 miles. We do have three big lime trees within about 500 yard. I took of rapeseed in June so this is the second lot. Interestingly last year it was a medium brown but this year it’s light yellow/green.
 #4771  by Patrick
 08 Sep 2019, 12:38

There you go - Lime honey, well done Chris! Also known as Linden honey in the US and can taste minty with menthol reputedly.

👍Mr Barlow!

I think I also had some hives do well on this this year. Lots of combs of light honey but with strong flavour.
 #4772  by thewoodgatherer
 08 Sep 2019, 15:00
Ok thanks all, I was thinking lime honey but thought I would put it to the experts :)

Question two, as I have about 150 lbs of this how do I go about selling it without some people returning as they don't like the taste having be used to supermarket honey, I understand it’s a bit of a Marmite honey. Although it’s definitely edible it’s not my cup of tea either.
I know technically I can’t label as lime honey as I haven’t confirmed the analysis but could I maybe indicate someway.
 #4773  by Chrisbarlow
 08 Sep 2019, 15:03
It's very easy to sell.

Have a taster jar. Let people try it. Tell em there's lime tree nectar in there which gives it the minty taste.

You'll never have enough
 #4774  by Chrisbarlow
 08 Sep 2019, 17:32
Incidently the book describes the colour of lime honey ranging from water white to pale yellow with a greenish tinge