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Examinations Questions/Answers & advice for others
 #2515  by hilly
 29 Mar 2019, 07:17
Hi all
I know there is 4 modules for the junior Certificate. William is planning on doing a video diary as part of it. Would this be acceptable & can anyone give examples of what course work is required
 #2516  by Chrisbarlow
 29 Mar 2019, 07:53
I dont know but I would be interested in the answer as well as I have a little one.
 #2517  by hilly
 29 Mar 2019, 08:00
It’s William that wanted to start keeping bees... he’s 9. Since then my other two girl have started and trying to promote beekeeping is for all ages
 #2522  by DianeBees
 30 Mar 2019, 08:41
2.1 The candidate must present a diary of beekeeping produced over a six week
period, describing the work carried out by the candidate or a group in which the
candidate was an active participant. The diary need not necessarily be fully
produced by the candidate, but the candidate should have made a
contribution and be able to answer questions on and talk about the content. Hive
records are not sufficient. Pass/Fail

2.4 The candidate will present a piece of creative work, linked to one
objective/clause of the syllabus, which they have produced. This could be a
piece of written work, a model, a sculpture, a painting, a collage etc. Pass/Fail

Don't see why not. Can clarify with Val from the exam board though for you.
 #2902  by DianeBees
 03 May 2019, 17:00
Val says: if it’s for coursework (not the diary requirement) and the candidate can discuss the making of the video and content then any sort of beekeeping video is acceptable.