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Bee's Need Flowers...… whats more to say?
 #2271  by MickBBKA
 10 Mar 2019, 01:18
Daffs out, snowdrops finished, crocus almost finished, prunis killed by frost, gale force wind and rain this week and snow today, blackthorn about halfway, hazel and alder finished, tulips just appearing.
Colonies all blitzing their way through fondant and pollen subs even though some still heft OK, some are quite light but 2 I can't even lift. Looking at those they could do with a super now as every seam is packed with bees and had 6 frames of brood 2 weeks ago which I don't usually see until April / May.

My 8th year keeping bees and I have still never had 2 springs the same.

Cheers, Mick.
 #2340  by Chrisbarlow
 13 Mar 2019, 20:25
I have some a small peach tree in the garden in blossom at the moment and I have a dennistons superb plum tree that also looks like its going to be in flower shortly.
 #2353  by Chrisbarlow
 16 Mar 2019, 10:43
yep, the plum trees in the gardens are bursting with bud now. i need to bring a nuc back home to make sure I get a good set.
 #2419  by Chrisbarlow
 21 Mar 2019, 18:43
the OSR looks like its starting to flower, only a month early.
 #2422  by Cable_Fairy
 21 Mar 2019, 20:56
Most of my girls are flying North East and coming back with fluorescent yellow pollen, I cant see anything in the valley which is remotely yellow so maybe they are going over the hill to the north.
 #2423  by MickBBKA
 21 Mar 2019, 23:00
Mine are working pussy willow, some hazel which has been delayed, Ivy and primrose at the moment, hazel is bright yellow.

Cheers, Mick.
 #2438  by Chrisbarlow
 22 Mar 2019, 20:39
and I am starting to see more and more dandelions along road sides.
 #2498  by Chrisbarlow
 27 Mar 2019, 22:44
I have finally seen a primrose in the garden, but it nots quite in flower but its got flower buds on. I have seen an aweful lot of hazel in flower today along a canal banking in Dewsbury. I just kept thinking its a shame I dont have any hives round here.
 #2499  by DianeBees
 28 Mar 2019, 09:13
Dandelions flowering, loads of blossom out round and about, including plum tree on the allotment and damson tree in my garden (the sheltered one, the other is yet to start!)
 #2567  by Chrisbarlow
 31 Mar 2019, 20:55
Wild cherry seems to be starting to flower. Although temps have dropped today to about 10°c and this is forecast for next fortnight, so I hope the bees will be able to work it