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 #8637  by Steve 1972
 27 Aug 2020, 18:23
I have been getting tortured by wasps over the past week and these tunnel entrances on the national floors do come into there own..i have been stood watching the entrances quite a bit today and the wasps are desperately trying to get bees in sight but as soon as a wasps tries to walk the tunnel of death it is just as quickly turfed out as the guard bees must be sat at the other end of the tunnel ..very few dead wasps on the floor out side the hive compared to when i tried using underfloor entrances..
 #8638  by Chrisbarlow
 27 Aug 2020, 20:28
Steve 1972 wrote:
17 Aug 2020, 13:44
I had a problem with wasps one year Adam with my Paynes Poly Nucs..i got arond this by making the tunnel type entrance out of a piece of pipe the same diameter as the nuc entrance and then making a box around it to stop the bees getting confused when entering the are the pictures of what i made..



Love both ideas. Thanks for sharing. My suggestion with the pipe would be to shove it inside the nuc, in the same way the colony entrance is.
 #12212  by Steve 1972
 12 Nov 2021, 10:21
The diameter of the pipe is around 20mm..when I make the tunnel entrance blocks for the full national boxes I make the tunnel around 8/9mm high.
 #12213  by MickBBKA
 13 Nov 2021, 02:42
I missed this post some how and really regret it. I have lost a nuc and 2 large colonies to wasps this autumn. I have never seen wasps in such massive numbers and even yesterday I saw them going into colonies with just a single bee space entrance. I will be making some mods next year....... Thanks for the great pictures and info.
 #12217  by Steve 1972
 14 Nov 2021, 11:27
That's a shame Mick..I am yet to loose any colony or nuc to wasps..however it has been touch and go over the years with other colonies targetting the odd smaller nucs..all have been saved upto now by moving them elsewhere..touch wood. :roll: