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General Q&A, Bee chat and only Bee chat please
 #11607  by NigelP
 29 Jul 2021, 19:06
Sad to hear Pete Little (known as Hivemaker) of Exmoor bees has passed away. He was a legend in his own lifetime. One of the most knowledgeable bee keepers I've ever talked to ....and boy could he talk ......often into the early hours. Ran me up a few large phone bills over the years.
He was the foremost Buckfast breeder in the UK using Brother Adams old isolated mating sites. I do hope his sons follow on in his footsteps.
He will be sadly missed.
RIP Pete.
 #11608  by Steve 1972
 29 Jul 2021, 20:58
Noooooooo.. :( ..pure ledgend for sure and I still hear his voice after hours talking about Guns and air rifles...
RIP .. Pete..
 #11611  by AdamD
 30 Jul 2021, 08:36
I had never spoken to him but understand he was widely respected and his bees (and hives) were good. I have "Hivemakers Recipie" for thymol mixture pinned to the wall of my bee shed.
A sad day when anyone passes away.
 #11813  by Hornet99
 24 Aug 2021, 18:20
Didn't know him hugely well but had bought a couple of queens from him in the past. The beekeeping fraternity has lost one of its greats that's for sure. RIP Pete
 #11823  by Alfred
 25 Aug 2021, 19:36
Not to hijack the thread but if you look up www.lives retold then search dave cushman you can download the .pdf version of a brief biography.