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General Q&A, Bee chat and only Bee chat please
 #11560  by Alfred
 23 Jul 2021, 21:33
I like that you are giving them a another chance Steve and using your inventive flair is right up my street too.
I really hope it works
 #11604  by Steve 1972
 29 Jul 2021, 14:37
Been and put a 11ft scaffolding tower up today to take a Queen right colony on monday ..hopefully the rhombus board and snelgrove board contraption does the trick as the colony in the house is growing quite big..
 #11610  by MickBBKA
 30 Jul 2021, 01:33
Don't wish to be a kill joy but the insurance issues sound an absolute nightmare all things considered. God forbid anything goes wrong but you really do need to think about it in this day and age. Until it all goes wrong you have no idea what the consequences are.............Just say'n.. ;)
 #11623  by Steve 1972
 30 Jul 2021, 22:07
No insurance required Mick..if it will but if anything did go wrong i will get payed to fix it..most folk over think a problem..(me included) but i have this little baby under control.. ;)
 #11625  by NigelP
 31 Jul 2021, 08:22
Well seeing as you are a professional scaffolder I'd assume you had it well under control...:D
 #11626  by Steve 1972
 31 Jul 2021, 10:53
Finished this little number of yesterday i think i can manage a hive stand safely ... :D

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 #11634  by Steve 1972
 02 Aug 2021, 16:59
I have been an put the trap out colony on the scaffold has a marked clipped good laying 2021 Queen in there..once i had fitted the bleed of pipe to the back of the hive through a eke below a rhombus board the amount of flying bees returning was thought are that it was a prime swarm with the original Queen that got laying pretty quickly once the bees started building comb..i just hope the lot of them will fit in a single national brood box because anything bigger will be too dangerous to lift down..


 #11635  by AdamD
 02 Aug 2021, 17:14
That looks like a fair sized colony.
'Hope the queen survives the onslaught of bees.