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  • This discussion forum covers pollen, honeybee anatomy & biology.
This discussion forum covers pollen, honeybee anatomy & biology.
 #11134  by AdamD
 11 Jun 2021, 10:37
Despite the fact that the bees have been foraging on OSR until the past few days, they have obtained a wide range of pollens which is good to see. I don't see purple pollen very often, any idea what it might be?
 #11135  by RJC
 11 Jun 2021, 11:13
phacelia? have a look here
 #11136  by Steve 1972
 11 Jun 2021, 11:55
Phacelia and Rose Bay Willow Herb produce purple pollen..if it is Phacelia the honey is out of this World.
 #11137  by Caroline
 11 Jun 2021, 12:13
Phacelia, wonderful stuff, unfortunately I've not seen signs of any around me this year. It's used as a green manure as part of crop rotation.
 #11150  by AdamD
 12 Jun 2021, 09:10
It's too early for RoseBay Willowherb yet - so must be Phacelia. About a mile away there's a 10 acre field that has been planted with pollinator friendly plants - I have just noticed it whilst driving past, so I'll have to have a closer look.

Excuse the old comb in the photo. "I MUST change my comb more frequently. I MUST change my comb more frequenctly. I MUST change my comb more frequently"
 #11152  by Caroline
 12 Jun 2021, 09:32
The first time my bees foraged on Phacelia I found the field one evening and walked into the middle of it, and just stood looking and listening to the continuous hum. There must have been every variety of pollinator in that field - wonderful.