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Gardeners Please help the less fortune people out, in howto's Guides & what to do
 #3505  by Japey Edge
 11 Jun 2019, 17:33
Hi everyone!

So, all being well, we will have an allotment only a 5 minute walk from our house. We've been down to see it today and it looks decent. All we noticed was there is a lot of thistles and someone left some orange barriers down the front. Also there are chickens in there which seem to have come through from next door.
Compared to what we have previously been offered, this allotment is great. It's also going to be my primary apiary, although my garden colony will probably stay put.

Since it is pretty much a blank canvas, what would you recommend I do to make it a good apiary? My wife will want most of it for her plants and veg but I'll get a little bit at the back (I hope!).

To reduce chances of hive theft, all will be painted in a way to not stand out as obvious. Also, I think I'll plant some dense bushes/hedges or maybe stick up a fence with climbers on - so they're out of sight.

What could I plant to be some dense forage for the bees? I'll try to make it so there is something for them as a little backup all year round.

Really chuffed about this like!
 #3514  by Patrick
 12 Jun 2019, 08:31
Sounds great Jazz! And really close to home is a massive advantage.

Assume the allotment committee / whatever okayed bees? Probably the single most important thing is the direction of the entrances therefore the flight line. I would put up a 4ft netting / fence barrier to send them upwards as soon as they came out, then maybe plant your hedging outside of that. When the hedge has grown you can take down the netting.

Also always be able and prepared to move out any hive if it gets nasty or chases. If your fellow allotmenteers get stung by anything, they will blame your bees.

I always fancied keeping a hive or two in an old shed like a German bee house but have never got round to it.
 #3518  by Japey Edge
 12 Jun 2019, 10:01
Thanks Patrick! :-)

I mentioned I wanted to keep bees on the allotment and then they offered me it so I'm assuming permission was granted. As you mention though - an out-apiary or something 3+ miles away would be good - however I do not currently have one. I might just drop naughty bees in my parents' back garden, I'm sure they'd be fine :lol:

The allotment is approximately 30m east/west and 10m north/south. I think I could comfortably locate 5 hives (although I'm sticking to two for now) to be south facing and still hide them with hedge/fence/netting as you mention. I think there's plenty of room to lay it out so they get nice early morning sun, but still have to go up and over quite quickly (if that makes sense?).
 #3522  by Cable_Fairy
 12 Jun 2019, 17:29
Here is Sheffield, ( I suppose everywhere is different) we have the following rules :-
Written permission is required.
Up to a maximum of 6 hives per site, not Plot.
Can prove the necessary skills to handle the bees.
Can demonstrate support of your neighbours.
 #3524  by Adam Bee
 12 Jun 2019, 17:46
One of the keepers in my association has a great shed, right up on the edge of his property, looking out onto common pastureland. He has room for 3-5 hives sheltered in an open alcove built into the shed, so they are under the shed roof. Go into the shed and change. Open a door and voila: 3 beehives. Very tidy.