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Bee's Need Flowers...… whats more to say?
 #3308  by Chrisbarlow
 30 May 2019, 08:38
Same here with osr but Chestnut is still looking great.
 #3313  by Patrick
 30 May 2019, 21:24
Lovely walk along the Cheddar Yeo this afternoon, limestone river coming down from the Mendips and Cheddar Gorge. Some nice wild brownies in the river. Some large communal web nests of Hawthorn moth caterpillars, stripping the leaves off a hedge of ... hawthorn.

There were the first flowers of bramble coming out, so it looks like our June Gap might not be very gappy this year.
 #3418  by Chrisbarlow
 07 Jun 2019, 09:33
wild rose is out in abundance round us and I am also starting to see bramble in flower now, which is great.

the areas where there is water balsam although not in flower and no flower buds either as its to early , the plants are looking very strong and vigourous.
 #3484  by AdamD
 10 Jun 2019, 17:27
We have early bramble flowering too. It doesn't yield much until the 'main crop' blackberry flowers - whatever that is.
Have some Cordyline australis flowering in the garden. Smells like jasmine and it's crawling with bees.
 #3615  by Japey Edge
 16 Jun 2019, 21:08
My bees won't take feed and still have plenty of stores after the last week of constant rain. Makes me think there's a lot of forage about.
Whenever I pass cotoneaster (not sure which type) they're chocker with bees. I think I'll get some of them on the allotment.

Side note: I'm in very early days of learning plant/flower/tree names and their relevance to bees.
 #3621  by Chrisbarlow
 16 Jun 2019, 22:00
Where I am , there doesn't seem to be much out, currently feeding nucs. Well actually feeding a strong colony and then moving frames of stores to nucs.
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