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 #13996  by Pollen_7880
 21 Aug 2023, 10:31
I have cleared woodland by apiary and exposed Alder Buckthorn which reveals itself online as toxic. It was smothered in honey bees in April and May , now small glossy black berries. Wanted to take honey to village show; how do I know whether the honey is safe ?
 #13997  by Alfred
 21 Aug 2023, 11:42
They forage over a wide range of plants many are regarded toxic( e.g. laurel contains cyanide)plus whatever nasty chemicals humans leave exposed.
Unless you think they have foraged exclusively on a particular plant (highly unlikely unless you move your hives to plantation or moorland) then don't give it any more thought
 #14000  by AdamD
 22 Aug 2023, 08:57
It's a fairly rare plant and the proportion of honey from it in a jar would be minimal I would assume. You can buy Alder Buckthorn honey online, so it can't be too bad! The berries are poisonous though.