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 #11695  by Steve 1972
 11 Aug 2021, 19:15
Three/Four years ago I was paying roughly 12p a jar with lids from C.Wynne Jones..just got another batch delivered today and it is working out at 48p per jar and lids.. is is just C.Wynne or is everywhere else shooting the Prices up..
 #11698  by JoJo36
 11 Aug 2021, 19:38
If you want to buy around 2k of 1b jars bulk buy you can get them for around 19p inc lids:
Maybe organise a pallet with some other beekeepers and the price would be reduced or if you produce loads yourself, press that order button!! :)
 #11703  by NigelP
 12 Aug 2021, 10:15
Yes, you certainly need to buy in bulk to get any decent prices. Round jars are cheaper than Hexagonal ones and lids have doubled in price since Covid started. Many associations do this and sell them to you at cost price, but it takes organisation to get this up and running.
Just checked my last order of 10 boxes with 84 jars per box, 12oz hex and a box of 1200 lids worked out at around 29p per jar from Compaq in Leeds (includes 10% BBKA discount) and delivered to your door. And we have the VAT to come back from that.
Sometimes get special offers from various companies which are worth checking out if you hear of them.
 #11725  by Steve 1972
 14 Aug 2021, 10:26
I'm definitely going to have to Shop about next year because the price I payed is extortionate..
 #11740  by AdamD
 16 Aug 2021, 10:22
Also check Freeman and Harding for jars.

I tend to use 12 oz (350g) hex jars with a (black) dimple lid. If the honey is warmed to ensure it's clear and the lid is screwed down when warm, the dimple goes in as it cools so you can see if it's been tampered with.
 #11931  by MickBBKA
 08 Sep 2021, 22:32
I buy 1500 jars at a time to get a good price. I do have a 20ft storage unit for them though. ;)
 #12299  by Alfred
 18 Dec 2021, 06:48
I've just about run out of both jars and honey- I honestly didnt expect to have sold so much and the soft set has sparked renewed interest.
I'm wondering if it's best to get them off season when there's little demand or peak season when there's plentiful supp!ies to shift.
I had a big crate of jars bought for me (err thanks but what am I going to do with all these??) a few years ago and the demand has really got the better of me.
Not having needed to even look for glassware before,what are the prices like now?
 #12300  by NigelP
 18 Dec 2021, 17:33
Nope, the whole lot has shot up. Lids by about 50% and the company we use has told us to expect a 20% rise in the new year.
Fortunately we just had a pallet load at old prices....should see us through till March.
Inflation is rampant with the energy price increases affecting everything we buy.
 #12302  by MickBBKA
 19 Dec 2021, 02:16
Prices may drop in January when the next lockdown has killed the economy, by March most folk will have sold their honey and jam so that should help. I buy as much as I can when I can as I am always going to sell them sooner or later. I have never produced as much honey as I can sell yet in a 12 month period.
 #12304  by Alfred
 19 Dec 2021, 12:30
The jars I was given had the invoice ( Wares ) from 2019 and there's about 20% per unit increase since then (or there was some overcharging at the time?)
I've looked this morning at a few other places
Freeman were about the best but we're just beaten by jarsdirect for the smallish quantity I was booking.
We've sold just shy of 50jars which is a mornings work for you guys But completely unexpected for us.
Probably caused by that enormous Konigin lurking in the spare room.
I'm chancing it with a 100 ish for next year
But why is it cheaper to have lids included than not?