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share the funny, scary & the completely stupid things you've seen & heard
 #10954  by Bobbysbees
 20 May 2021, 20:50
Its my understanding that the original Langstroth box was a double glazed brood and super surrounded by a hinged sectional, lidded wooden outer box with the air space between the inner double glazed box designed to be filled with insulation for winter similar to the wbc. The double glazing was there for the same reason plus it allowed condensation to form between the pains keeping it away from the bees and comb to prevent mildew and mould growing inside the hive.
The brood box volume wise is fractionally larger than a national and as the British black bee ( may she RIP) tent to have smaller nest it "may not" of suited them.
Check me if I'm wrong guys
I'm surprised that the Warre hive with the addition of frames wasn't taken up but the Japanese seem to think it works just fine with out frames and with a 1 square foot foot print you could certainly pack a lot of them into a small yard .
 #10957  by AdamD
 21 May 2021, 09:22
I had read that the original Langstroth was a wooden wine case - maybe from communion wine? Whether that's true or not; IF ONLY wine was delivered in these boxes now!

The Warre is a box that's too small which means one would have to stack them up too high - although not this year! (I made some 8 frame Nationals and with three brood boxes and 1/2 dozen supers on top, it gets a bit silly). Comb is stuck to the side walls with Warre's too as there is no frame to constrain the comb building (A lack of bee space). Top bar hives or the warn-holtz mini-nucs have sloping sides and bees tend to keep their comb away from them for some reason - most of the time.