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PostPosted:28 Apr 2021, 16:59
by Alfred
Ive lost one of the little qx that goes between the brood chamber and the stores compartment.
The box is one of the imitation ones bee equipment were shovelling out for £7 a couple of years ago,so it may never had one in the first place.
I can easily tinsnip a new one up from an old national,but why is it actually needed?

Re: APidea

PostPosted:28 Apr 2021, 18:37
by Patrick
I had assumed it’s because they are so small and specifically to get queens hatched and mated and then retrieved for use elsewhere.

The feed compartment once empty of feed quite often gets wild comb built in it and if the queen takes refuge in there or even tries to lay it up with brood, it can be tricky to fish her out. Easier to keep her confined to the removable combs?

Also I suppose there is a theoretical risk of her drowning in syrup if she wandered in whilst there was syrup in there. Personally I always use fondant or set honey anyway.

Re: APidea

PostPosted:30 Apr 2021, 09:06
by AdamD
It's not absolutely necessary to have the excluder in place, although Patrick's comments are valid. The Warnholts mating hive doesn't have an excluder to keep the queen from the feeder.