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Bee Hive building & a place to share howto's on equipment
 #316  by DianeBees
 16 Aug 2018, 20:13

Standard items including:-

National Hive
National Stand
National Floor
National Heather Floor
National Brood Box
Framed Wire Excluder
National Super
Section Crate
Snelgrove Board
National Crown Board
National Miller Feeder
Diagonal Miller Feeder
Brother Adam Feeder
National Ashforth Feeder
National Roof
National Eke
National 14" x 12" Box
Uniting Board
Hanging Section Frames
Entrance Blocks
Open Mesh Floor
Split / Wedmore Boards
Nucleus Coverboards
Cushman Floor
Cut comb Bars
Sundown Floor
Mesh Floor with tray
National Glass Quilt
Special frames

Also includes a PDF link for Details of dimensions and construction for the DIY Beekeeper. Illustrations reproduced,
and text modified, from Advisory Leaflet 367 - "The British National Hive",
Published 1961, Reviewed and reprinted 1970. © Crown copyright; reproduced by
permission of the controller of HMSO.
 #2021  by Chrisbarlow
 20 Feb 2019, 18:01
these are good plans for nucs from Martin Adams using ply wood
 #2189  by Chrisbarlow
 02 Mar 2019, 13:20
a friend of mine has the best hive carrier I have ever seen in terms of simplicity. I have been trying to find a design on line for it to link to. However, so far to no avail. When I find some, I will post a link.
 #2265  by Chrisbarlow
 08 Mar 2019, 18:23
foundationaless frames are also well explained here using bamboo skewers and tongue depressers

How to make them

Authors update/review.