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 #12997  by Alfred
 04 Aug 2022, 14:03
Fired up the prototype dryer/ warmer/incubator multipurpose device,based on the commercial dryers.
Much of the timber was from old pallets and a good amount of that turned out to be cedar.

Got a set of monitor/ controllers for heat and humidity on the way but had to jump the gun as I've got some uncapped frames late to the party that don't shake well and its extraction next week.

Mobile base,recycled 3x2 with metal braked castors.

Reinforced flyscreen made of fabric mesh,chicken wire and some of an old table.

Ventilator (exchanged for kingspan box when warming) Fans harvested from dead pcs and office junk.
Went for the whole area so power unit has to be on the outside
Fan speed controller on order.

Made with surprise bonus cedar,like the ventilator box.
Dont underestimate the power of old pallets!
Foil tape to the inside for some heat retention
4x60w tube heaters on offer from Toolstation to be controlled externally with the Inkbird units but they do have individual control dials.
Strived for a good heat spread so wiring is external.
Indicator led on order

Empty Super to mitigate any comb collapse when warming,merchandise,top fly screen(Kingspan when drying) Dehumidifier.

Left it on for 24 hours.
All the shakeable honey now can hang upsidedown in the cells.
Works a treat.
Even dessicated a rogue bee.
The whole lot is on a trailing socket with a 3a fuse so I know it's not expensive to run.
All in for under 100 pounds including the bits in the post.
I have to build some ekes with crossmembers to support the buckets when it's warming honey.
If and when I get round to q rearing I can use some of the project for an incubator maybe.
For once I'm really pleased with my effort....
 #12998  by JoJo36
 05 Aug 2022, 06:42
Blimey Alfred, that IS VERY IMPRESSIVE!!!
I thought in first pics it looked like the insides of a new 'space shuttle' but really looks well made and out of 'left over' pallets etc., you have definitely exceeded yourself making that honey dryer!!
Problem is, you'll be getting orders to make more, that together with more honey, you won't have time to go to work so you may as well as pack up now and start your new 'inventing career' Maybe team up with Elon Musk??!! :shock: :D
 #12999  by NigelP
 05 Aug 2022, 08:14
I'll take 2.....
Nice bit of work Alfred.
 #13000  by AdamD
 05 Aug 2022, 10:56
I have a fan-based dryer but yours looks better - there is a certain about of wax and honey that finishes up on my fan board. Do you have a screen above the fans and below any supers to stop junk from falling down?
 #13002  by NigelP
 05 Aug 2022, 13:22
AdamD wrote:
05 Aug 2022, 10:56
Do you have a screen above the fans and below any supers to stop junk from falling down?
That is a good point Adam. It could get messy on a collapsed or melted frame. I just checked my Abelo supers dryer and that is exactly what it has. In fact the fans (computer ones)gently blow horizontally across the heaters that are beneath the screen. All the hot air has no place else to go but upwards.
 #13005  by MickBBKA
 05 Aug 2022, 21:08
Looks amazing, well done you !!
 #13007  by Alfred
 05 Aug 2022, 21:13
Thanks guys
That's something I had considered with drippage.
Perhaps making wide recesses for the tubes to hide in
I left it all late this year -this was started just over a week ago so I just bit the bullet and no-brained it
The whole job dripped six small blobs of honey onto the tubes so no real issue.
I wanted the lower fly screen at the bottom so to filter fluff but nothing stopping me putting one under the chassis and moving the chicken wire item up under the empty Super (distancing from the tubes to) catch drips.
I have to make a thin eke to allow the probe cable into the stack anyway
.Im now warming the combs ready for the extraction
I've just fitted the temp controller and set it to 25c the wax won't melt hopefully.
I'm always a bit sceptical about my own homemade rubbish but I'm quietly delighted.
Last year I was stirring the glass dishes of a hostess trolley for a wretched fortnight to achieve this almost zero effort result in 24 hours.

Sod it just got propolis on the ceiling
 #13008  by MickBBKA
 06 Aug 2022, 01:43
Looks like my kitchen but I don't have the electronics. If you are still married my wife and yours would have a great time talking about honey season... :lol:
 #13010  by Alfred
 06 Aug 2022, 06:56
I've got Wi-Fi in the shed so I'll be ok for a while.
 #13011  by Liam
 07 Aug 2022, 13:01
Looks great, well done!

Anyone have a link to the super dryer from shops, I have seen it before but cant find it, i know its expensive but Id love to build my own and see the spec of the original.