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 #11964  by Patrick
 14 Sep 2021, 22:59
:lol: :lol: thanks for ideas.

I notice quite a few folk use hay - I probably don’t pack it in tight enough as it didn’t seem to last very long when I tried. Must give it another go. I use grass pellets so not too dissimilar.
 #11991  by MickBBKA
 20 Sep 2021, 02:00
Steve 1972 wrote:
14 Sep 2021, 16:53
I use hay as fuel and I have not cleaned it out for five years..
I am with Steve, maybe a North Eastern thing. My smoker is the very first one I ever bought 9 years ago. I have never cleaned it. I use cardboard, dried grass, pine cones, old rotten wood or sticks, whatever is at hand. If the top gets bunged up I find a good rap with the hive tool loosens the carbon / tar deposits once its cold. If I live to be 100 there will never be enough time in my day to clean a smoker. :D
 #12005  by NigelP
 23 Sep 2021, 17:17
Pressure washer every time...takes the lot off.
Also cleans out my smoker box almost like new.
 #12008  by JoJo36
 24 Sep 2021, 05:15
I shamefully leave mine dirty apart from emptying out wood chippings and giving the top inside/outside ring where it touches the main part a wipe so top goes on and off easily!
I actually like the smell of the smokey burnt tar/wood and find it quite relaxing reminding me of hot sunny days!
 #12009  by Alfred
 24 Sep 2021, 08:01
Same here
I only clean the lid if it starts to stick- once you start levering or hitting these things you cause problems.
The tar seeps down and welds like propolis.
Ill tip out the hearth after Ive finished the last charge to keep the air intake clear

I think its often overlooked in training new beekeepers-maintaining and operating this kit just right can make the difference betwen an enjoyable session or a major conflict .

Like plenty of other beekeeping kit ,the basic design has remained virtually unchanged in over a century because its cheap,simple and reliable .

 #12011  by Patrick
 24 Sep 2021, 16:49
Agreed Alfred. A splendid fit for purpose design unsullied by passwords or interminable feature updates you never asked for.

I think we are meaning the same thing by cleaning - removal of encrusted gunk that stops the lid operating easily, strains hinges trying, blocks airways and builds up a layer of waste crud. But not aspiring to bright metal. My current copper model (a kind gift) is too soft to withstand excessive heat or bashing about. My previous steel one was more robust in that regard and my next firebox will probably be steel.

I often leave it ticking over on one side without actual puffing for long periods and that probably leads to tar depositing.

When you see some folks kit, it’s often in pretty poor shape and barely serviceable. I always remember the wry bee inspector comment about his surprise in seeing the long queues for buying new kit at shows. All he ever saw being used doing his rounds was old stuff on the point of collapse. :D