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General Q&A, Bee chat and only Bee chat please
 #14133  by AdamD
 29 Oct 2023, 09:37
Yesterday I attended the Norfolk Beekeepers Centenary Conference nearish Norwich.
There was a talk by a local beekeeper and by Norman Carreck (Of LASI fame) on forage.
Also Professot Giles Budge (Newcastle Uni) talked about Chronic Bee Paralysis - a little way to go on understanding this.
The highlight was a talk by Professor Robert Pickard on "Brains n Honeybees and Humans" which was absolutley fascinating - as we have common ancestry. The subject sounds a bit dull but he is clearly a very talented man and many were captivated by his talk.
I was expecting the opening address by tjhe Bishop of Norwich to be a bit dull, however it was jolly good. (And he does keep bees).
A good bee day without a veil or smoker. :)
 #14136  by bees_love
 02 Nov 2023, 11:23
Today, I've had a busy and fulfilling day in the world of beekeeping! I started by checking on my hives and ensuring they have enough food for the upcoming winter. I also observed the bees' behavior and health to make sure everything is on track.

Later, I attended a local beekeeping club meeting, where we discussed various beekeeping topics, shared experiences, and learned from one another. It's always a great opportunity to connect with fellow beekeepers and exchange knowledge.

In the evening, I spent some time researching new techniques and innovations in beekeeping, as it's crucial to stay updated and keep improving our beekeeping practices.

All in all, it's been a day full of bee-related activities, and I couldn't be happier to be a part of this incredible community and play a role in the well-being of these amazing pollinators. 🐝💛 #BeekeepingLife
 #14139  by MickBBKA
 04 Nov 2023, 04:02
MarkR wrote:
03 Nov 2023, 15:27
Your posts read like a Chatbot has generated them.
I have been away on holiday without my password and have been itching to suggest the same. Having recently experienced the same tone from my insurance Ai bot which introduces itself I very much feel this is a bot. In Terminator they used dogs to id the terminators. We need a Ai dog for the Ai's........
 #14141  by JoJo36
 04 Nov 2023, 06:32
Hi Mick, sounds like everything has been taken over by computers!!:)
Weather has been pretty terrible for the bees over the last few weeks with high winds and rain!!
I have hefted mine and they are definitely a little lighter so I've put a lump of fondant on each one for luck!!
I'll check in a few weeks!
The talk sounds really interesting Adam and is refreshing to hear it in the comfort of a place without having to wear a suit or veil!!
I think Alfred and Nigel have hibernated along with my tortoises for the moment??!!")
Lots of sales around but its having the space to store it all.........
 #14146  by AdamD
 06 Nov 2023, 11:34
JoJo36 wrote:
04 Nov 2023, 06:32
The talk sounds really interesting Adam and is refreshing to hear it in the comfort of a place without having to wear a suit or veil!!
Yep, a good talk. And unlike my brother who has to trapse about all winter up to his ankles in mud and worse looking after his cows, we beekeepers can pretty much wait until spring when the weather warms up. Yay!
 #14152  by NigelP
 17 Nov 2023, 09:03
Removed my varroa treatment strips from hives. Hefted at same time. Never fails to amaze me how a few hives turn all their autumn feed into bees, whereas most keep it stored. Got 4 hives that will need fondant by Xmas and boy are thye big colonies.....could barely see where I'd put the strips due to number of bees.
 #14153  by AdamD
 19 Nov 2023, 13:41
Are they from the same lineage as other colonies Nigel? Or did you get a little bit of Ligustica from somewhere which these 4 are from?
 #14154  by NigelP
 20 Nov 2023, 09:55
Nope, most are F1's from bought in queens. But most of the other F1's from same queen have kept their stores, quite puzzling.

Found a new definition for the most agonising place to get stung last not there :)
Put on a pair of shoes I hadn't worn in a while.....absolute agony in my big toe....what the Effs going on....took shoe off to find queen wasp firmly attached to my toe....The pain was excruciating, couldn't walk for over an hour...and it's still really sore 3 days later.
There's a moral in there somewhere.....
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