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General Q&A, Bee chat and only Bee chat please
 #12195  by JoJo36
 06 Nov 2021, 11:48
That sounds really interesting and great to actually see the heat source within your own hive!
I wonder how much these heat scope things are to buy?!
I suppose a 'business expense' if commercial??!! :)
 #12201  by AdamD
 08 Nov 2021, 09:16
"oh the bonus NO STINGS! New bee suit !"

It's good to feel confident in a decent suit.
 #12202  by Alfred
 08 Nov 2021, 09:40
Some of mine are reverse- houdini fans - Im sure theyd find a way in somehow.
You never feel more alive than when theres a bee on the inside of the veil.....

Doorstep sale this morning - job lot of a dozen jars-YES!!
Thats pretty much the last of it now ,Il keep a few jars for bribery and favours and some for seeding next year-dodged the bullet this year without it setting beyond pourable.
Foam legs and dregs for my own use
I tried some foam on toast - not bad at all- with negligible side effects :mrgreen:

Thats paid for the the tangent screens on the konigin
Just five more years and the machine has paid for itself.................
 #12216  by Steve 1972
 14 Nov 2021, 11:23
Weired weather again for this time of the's like summer for the five seven frame nucs..bees everywhere bringing bright yellow and Orange pollen in..took the opertuneity to pop the roofs and check the fondant ..three have barely touched it and two might need topping up next week..all inspection boards revealed two seams of brood cappings which can only be a good thing.
 #12220  by AdamD
 15 Nov 2021, 09:52
I have to admit that I seem to do little as the season ends; I don't know if others are the same?
My bee shed is littered with 'stuff' that has been dumped there and left. It's the same every year and it's only come late February as my brain starts to notice the lengthening daylight that I start to sort it all out and prepare for the forthcoming season.
 #12222  by Alfred
 15 Nov 2021, 13:03
I have dozens of projects to get done -some at embryonic stage, some needing finishing and a whole spectrum in between.
And thats just the beekeeping side of it

I have to prioritise to when they will be needed- ie the next batch of snelgrove boards and broodboxes have got to the top of the charts at the moment while the top secret tunnel entrance design has been relegated to bottom.

But being a pathological hoarder I encounter offcuts and leftover bits that 'could be used for such and such' and get distracted by that :x
The taskmaster suggested I get I heater in the workshop but Im not sure if she was serious...
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