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General Q&A, Bee chat and only Bee chat please
 #12143  by NigelP
 29 Oct 2021, 09:12
MickBBKA wrote:
28 Oct 2021, 10:16
I make small batches of 25lb with an electric hand whisk using the spiral kneaders and it works great. Its also a good idea to use honey that has set with a fine grain by liquifying it again first then creaming.
The type of honey used has little effect on the final product . It's the seed added that directs the size of the crystals formed and the physical rubbing that determines the final smoothness. I should also is the temperature it's made at. I cannot make good soft set honey in warm summer weather regardless of source of honey
However, it is a very good idea to make soft set using honey that normally sets really quickly and cannot be sold as "runny", like OSR which sets really quickly and hard with a fine grained crystal. This was my main "go to" for soft set honey until they stopped growing it around me. Now I make it with anything to hand.
Interesting, like yourself Mick, I find it a poor seller in Middlesbrough, but on some markets it outsells runny. About a 1/4 of my sales are soft set honey.
 #12144  by Patrick
 30 Oct 2021, 09:58
When I was growing up set honey was pretty much all we used at home. I don’t remember my Mum ever buying clear honey.

So I was surprised when I came to sell honey around here at how clear runny honey way outsold set. Bit weird. I only have two mates who specifically ask for it, so only make it up in small batches, saving the last few jars to seed up the next. My spring honey has crucifers pollen in it so usually sets easily. My darker summer honey stays liquid for ages.
 #12156  by Alfred
 31 Oct 2021, 14:58
Ive put a couple of kg into hibernation for next year ,if the latest request for a dozen jars actually materialises I might just get away with this last bit as liquid-ish ,keeping the foam,legs and dregs for cooking.

Vaporising the destructor early doors and it was lashing down but at the apiary there was sun and blue sky
The one normally lively hive I was expecting bother with (and they were eleven parts insane last week),were good as gold.
Odd- I felt cheated...
 #12159  by Crazyhorse
 31 Oct 2021, 16:38
So a little peak to check the darlings..
  • Added syrup a litre a piece.
    Checked the fondant still good.
    Added 150mm of celotex on top of the Perspex eke I made. (These are keeping them warm) infact it's been warm to touch most days. Definitely a good little project I think.

Thought it was to windy to open the brood box up.. although I need to get the strips out..
 #12162  by Steve 1972
 31 Oct 2021, 17:45
My rule of thumb at this moment in my bee keeping Journey IS?...if you see the odd bee flying open them up..get any treatment out remove the Queen excluder ..then sit back and leave them alone if we have got them up to winter weight..
 #12176  by MickBBKA
 02 Nov 2021, 19:55
I went to inspect and rearrange a colony that I united with one which came back from the heather queenless for some reason. Strange thing was they hadn't built a queencell at all and no laying workers so god only knows what happened. Anyway I was very pleased to see the Q from the Qright colony safe and sound with 6 frames of BIAS. I just hope a 9c inspection hasn't stressed them too much but it had to be done before I got them set for Winter.
 #12190  by Crazyhorse
 05 Nov 2021, 21:46
Great day, two calm hives and a fresh frost. Crown board off and removed API strips, no droppage visible.
Hive 1. Missing api strip can’t find it so need to revisit. 9 frames of bee’s standard brood and really heavy. For First year. Still taking down syrup and fondant

Hive 2. Dummy down both sides with 50mm celotex 6 frames of bee’s on 14x12 . For First year. Hoping I didn’t catch the queen with the celotex. still taking down syrup and now on 2 kilo of fondant.

oh the bonus NO STINGS! New bee suit !
 #12193  by MickBBKA
 06 Nov 2021, 10:56
I went and removed the last feeders at one apiary on Friday. I also had a look at the colonies through a friends thermal imaging scope and it was amazing. The bees at the entrance are super hot. The returning bees as you would expect are a bit greyer in colour. I could also see the wasps which are still very active looking hotter than the returning bees which may explain why they are still able to be active when the air is a few degree cooler than the bees like. Very interesting to see the heat seeping out of the joint in places between the top and 2nd boxes which they can't have propolised up yet but nothing seeping out of the entrance. It will be great next May to have a look and see the heat being expelled as they dry the nectar. Looking at the heat signature in all colonies the bees were clustered more towards the front of the upper brood box above the entrance.
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