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General Q&A, Bee chat and only Bee chat please
 #14331  by warsaw-hive
 04 Apr 2024, 08:51
Where do the BIBBA guys/gals hang out? Anyone on here use the DeepWings website? I want to check if I'm missing a trick.

I used to photograph my wings with a macro lens. So each wing had its own jpg image file that I was able to batch load into the website. I've now changed to scanning them since it is quicker. I lay all the wings in a line and do one scan. So now I have a PNG file with all the wings. I was hoping I could just upload the one file and DeepWings would identify each wing automatically. Unfortunately this doesn't seem to work and I'm having to manually cut and paste each wing and save it as a separate file. Anyone found a way to have this step automated?
 #14334  by NigelP
 04 Apr 2024, 11:28
What are hoping to use wing morphology for?
It can distinguish between different strains of bees, but it is not a measure of the purity of any strain. Although there are some that would dispute this.
Best measures are genetic profiles using DNA, even then these showed some of the purest Native bees, kept on the isles of Colonsay and Oronsay, were found to have markers of introgression from other species, being around 84-85% pure.
Taken from Catherine Thompsons PhD thesis.