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General Q&A, Bee chat and only Bee chat please
 #13533  by Cable_Fairy
 28 Mar 2023, 22:33
Well looking at the forecast, what with the rain and wind I do not think I will be able to do anything before next Monday.
 #13539  by AdamD
 01 Apr 2023, 09:07
I reversed mine last week.
Nothing the the supers at all apart from bees, so they are now above the excluder and the brood. Pollen coming in (when the bees can fly) and a little liquid stores in some hives.
 #13541  by MickBBKA
 03 Apr 2023, 01:51
Hoping to maybe do some first very quick inspections today ( Monday) or tomorrow which is supposed to be a bit warmer and reverse some supers.
Its been a very different March again, most rain for over 40 years but colonies looking very strong through the polycarbonate C/B but I would rather see how the stores look around the brood now. Snowdrop, Crocus, Hazel, & Alder all a distant memory. Blackthorn just finishing after being destroyed by the rain as usual, no sloes again this year. Pear, Apple, early Cherry, Dandelion and OSR now in flower. I have a great new location with 3 huge fields of OSR and a field of Beans which I have been trying to cull the wood pigeons from all winter and want to move some colonies to when its warm enough.
Weird thing is the East winds of death started very early this year and then went away, I am not fooled by this :evil:
 #13543  by Cable_Fairy
 03 Apr 2023, 09:02
I was going to have a look today but got up to a thick frost and at the moment (0900) it's still zero and forecast for freezing again tonight. Ah well tomorrow is another day!