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General Q&A, Bee chat and only Bee chat please
 #12766  by RDGBEES
 01 Jun 2022, 20:28
Hi all,

I need to split my two hives and don't want to increase the number i currently have so want to create a couple of nucs.

I just want some advice from people who already sell them if possible please.

Where do I advertise them? Gumtree? Local association website?

How much do I charge?

Thanks in advance
 #12767  by Alfred
 02 Jun 2022, 08:22
Is it just resource you are short on?
You could keep the splits in nucs then combine in Autumn.
I've put supers on my nucs so they earn their keep,then the poor DNA gets terminated.

The local affiliate charges 160 Inc deposit on the nuc that's cheap compared with commercial sellers.
Obviously you will have a reputation at stake once you put your head above the parapet!
 #12769  by RDGBEES
 02 Jun 2022, 18:28
Hi Alfred,

Thanks for the reply.

It's a bit of both really... my resources are limited and I also thought if I could sell a couple of nucs then I could then buy bits for a vertical split.

Yes the price is around the mark i was thinking.

I will maybe advertise on gumtree at the moment and see where that gets me failing that I will contact my local association to see if there is anyone requiring bees.
 #12790  by AdamD
 05 Jun 2022, 11:27
Alfred's pricing is about right; The price of nucs tends to be less at this time of year as swarms are about and people are selling off surplus stock; overwintered nucs are more desireable.

Some people sell on ebay although you are not supposed to sell bees or animals so sometimes the sales get kicked off the site.
 #12799  by RDGBEES
 05 Jun 2022, 23:51
This might sound a bit daft but if i create a 5/6 frame nuc surely they will outgrow it in a matter of weeks?
So how do I over winter them?
 #12801  by Alfred
 06 Jun 2022, 06:23
Do the split once you have a buyer
If you've already split ,swap out a frame with bees for new foundation if you need to while you wait to find a buyer.
Or get a brood extension box if it's a bought polynuc
A full size colony will shrink down to a nuc sized cluster in late Autumn.
 #12802  by AdamD
 07 Jun 2022, 09:10
Colonies are growing rapidly at this time of year, however they will slow down after the longest day, so a small nuc now should not get too big, however you can always steal a frame of sealed brood and place it with another hive if the nuc gets too congested.