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General Q&A, Bee chat and only Bee chat please
 #2629  by Chrisbarlow
 06 Apr 2019, 17:03
I have seen 5 or 6 queen wasps this last week. The season is now well under way!
 #2697  by MickBBKA
 12 Apr 2019, 00:18
Fishman wrote:
11 Apr 2019, 11:57
Yep even saw a European Hornet the other day when wax processing, love wasps hopefully a good year for them too.
We may quote you on this comment later in the year when you have a colony destroyed by them ;)
Cheers, Mick.
 #2701  by Chrisbarlow
 12 Apr 2019, 10:24
I have been advised that the big wasps this time of year can be German wasps as opposed to the common wasps. I suspect they are both common but have different names.
 #2733  by Fishman
 15 Apr 2019, 11:49
I love wasps they usually just clean up around the entrances taking away dead, dying and weak bees and the thing I really liked about them once they were finished cleaning up it become more difficult for other pests to find the hives as it was spotless. I might have less problems as I don't inspect at all when they are active, I am very much hands off.