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General Q&A, Bee chat and only Bee chat please
 #12117  by Alfred
 24 Oct 2021, 15:08
Just sat down with a coffee and the overseer placed a plate of warm homemade granola biscuits in front of me.
Sod the diabetes, they were made with our own honey- ate the lot.
In mitigation honey is around 80℅ sugar as opposed to sugar being 99% sugar so its a sort of a win.... ;)

I do the curries in this household and put a teaspoon of honey in - gives a bit of depth .
Anyone else venture beyond the toaster with their produce?
 #12119  by NigelP
 24 Oct 2021, 18:38
Alfred, check and see if honey spikes your levels....I find (in moderation) it has no affect on mine....thank goodness. Pringles Crisps however are a different matter....

Was giving heather honey to horse mad couple who had a horse with open ulcerated wounds that nothing was curing. Worked a treat, albeit over a period of a few months....since then our local veterinary practise (as shown on TV as the Yorkshire Vet) has adopted the practise of using honey to dress animals open woulds when all else fails.
Alas they haven't approached me to provide them with honey.....given their extortionate veterinary charges they wouldn't get it cheap :D
 #12120  by JoJo36
 25 Oct 2021, 05:23
I always had a spoon or two to curries as well Alfred, it takes any bitterness out if I have over estimated the garam masala or chillis! Two curries are never the same aw I tend to add ingredients as I go along but honey really does improve the flavour!
Even a boring old Victoria sandwich is transformed if you add honey to the buttercream and I've even added it to my usual shortbread mix although it doesn't give a strong taste it does have a subtle summer sweetness to it!
I'm a big fan of sourdough and to have it lightly toasted smothered with honey is just the best!! :)
 #12124  by Alfred
 25 Oct 2021, 12:14
Jo Ive yet to convince the management over using honey as a direct like for like substitute for sugar in any baking -ill have to try some clandestine activity to see??

Thanks Nigel.
Il wipe up the odd delicious drip from the honey gate and it doesnt hurt.
I had discovered that my addiction to cups of tea (at least 8 a day every day)was in fact an addiction to sugar.
I used to scoff at claims that the stuff was addictive as hard drugs but having had it removed from the table I can see that it is.
Obviously not as serious but I got severe mood swings and started looking around for a fix in other things.
Its surprising how you can find sugar in walnuts....
So the sugar ( calculated at near 30 kg per annum )I was shovelling into the tea mug alone now goes into the bees - a win all round