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General Q&A, Bee chat and only Bee chat please
 #11532  by NigelP
 21 Jul 2021, 14:56
Moved first hives to one moor this morning and went to set up first hive stand on our new moor this afternoon. The heather is looking excellent on it, best I've seen in a long while. 800 acres totally surrounded by forest so reasonably sheltered.....which will help as it's flat as buggery and there are no obvious hollows/walls etc to site hives with a sheltered side....well not that you can safely drive close to. So we are exposed but out of site and will have entrances facing due south.

 #11533  by Caroline
 21 Jul 2021, 15:41
Melted in bee suit in 32degree heat!

Checked on a colony recently united. Last Thursday all fine and dandy, with no signs of any Qcups. Today, beautifully sealed QCells. I think this exceptionally hot weather is speeding things up.

Going back when cooler to check other hives, just too too hot at lunchtime........
 #11535  by MickBBKA
 21 Jul 2021, 21:37
At least it looks green this year Nigel. I am undecided whether to go to the moors this year, not sure I can be done with the faff on as have heard mixed reports on Commondale moors and I ain't going for a couple of supers worth. Hope you do well mate.
 #11536  by JoJo36
 22 Jul 2021, 04:36
You're right Caroline just too hot to check at the moment but looks like things will be cooler by Friday!
Re the moors heather, do you need permission to place hives there or is it just set up shop and come back and see??!!
We've got the moors down here in the SW but hilly and some tors like mountains! :)
 #11537  by NigelP
 22 Jul 2021, 08:30
You need permission, which is usually freely granted. The biggest problem can be finding out who to ask. Where we are now is a fairly secure area as this particulate moor requires key access to the track leading onto it.

Steve, you should go ......heather honey is liquid gold.....I have no problem selling mine at £12/lb plus it's simply good for the soul to be out on the moors when they are in full bloom.
 #11539  by Alfred
 22 Jul 2021, 14:08
Combining and culling .
Freeing up a bit of kit.
Then the unmistakable sound.

The little caste swarm I was leaving alone had been evicted and were cluster ed on the left.

Lucky I had a spare brood chamber ,but they are soon going to need full size.
Lovely light golden colour so I know they're none of mine....
Some of my colonies now need to get going or get gone.
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