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General Q&A, Bee chat and only Bee chat please
 #10584  by gwt_uk
 16 Apr 2021, 22:00
Hello all,

Anyone supering in OSR areas? We have had a week of sunny days (still cold at night) and the OSR is beginning to flower.
 #10588  by AdamD
 17 Apr 2021, 09:23
This year I have a lot of OSR around however with wind from the N Sea and a daytime temperature of 8 or 9 degrees and frost in the mornings, my bees haven't got much in yet and colonies are behind this year. I believe that a reasonable temperature is needed for OSR to yield. So, no supers just yet for me; there is little in the way of liquid strores in hives and some have needed feeding.
Forecast is for wind from the north for the next week. However once the temeperature increases, I hope that the bees will start to do well. The supers are ready to go on.
 #10593  by MickBBKA
 18 Apr 2021, 01:45
I see you are having the same weather as me more or less. I believe OSR requires temps of 18c+ to produce nectar. I have had colonies surrounded by acres of it in the last few years but had very little income as the East winds of death have kept it so cold that average daytime temps don't get much above 16c until July. Our last frost date is 1st week in May. I have walked our local hedgerows this week which are covered in a blanket of blossom of cherry and apple and not a bee in sight on anything. I can only presume its too cold and dry for nectar.