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 #12179  by AdamD
 03 Nov 2021, 09:16
Not sure whether they will survive in the NE though Mick.
In a few years' time you might be basking in a no-hornet zone whereas southern beekeepers will be making all sorts of contraptions to keep them away and sitting in vigil at their apiaries with tennis raquets swatting them away.
 #12187  by Steve 1972
 05 Nov 2021, 07:25
Never even seen a european hornet in my neck of the Woods.. :)
 #12192  by Alfred
 06 Nov 2021, 06:44
Got a few EH here along with wood wasps too.
Ive had eh do a flypast during inspections but never seem to bother the hives.Low pitched buzz
I swatted one once and although scary looking they are quite spectacular to look at once youve nuetralised them.
 #13861  by AdamD
 03 Jul 2023, 20:21
A new sighting from the NBU website

"On Thursday 22nd June a small primary nest of Asian hornets was reported to the NBU. A National Bee Unit Inspector investigated the report and collected samples which have been sent for analysis by scientists. Traps have been set for hornets returning to the nest site, and follow up activities will take place to raise awareness.

This is the earliest date in the season that a nest has ever been found in Great Britain. Nests have previously been reported in the autumn, when insects are more visible as the population of the nest increases to its maximum".
 #13983  by AdamD
 10 Aug 2023, 10:33
!! Asian Hornets seem to be getting more of a concern with sightings along the South Coast this month. There was even one seen in a cauliflower in Northumberland in April, so all parts of the country are under threat.

There is an Asian Hornet App that can be downloaded from the site.
There is also an Asian Hornet Whatsapp group (one way traffic from the BBKA) too.

The following page gives instructions for making a trap.
 #13989  by NigelP
 15 Aug 2023, 07:59
Looks like it's here given the number of nests and different locations reported by the NBU.
NBU 2023 Asian Hornet Rolling updates
11/08/2023 - Update
In 2023 there have been 14 Asian hornet nests found in 12 locations.


 The primary and secondary nests found at a single location in Folkestone have now been destroyed.

East Sussex
The NBU is monitoring a location in East Sussex following a credible sighting of Asian hornet.



A further two nests (primary and secondary) have been located at a single location in Folkestone over the weekend. Destruction is due to take place today.

In addition, the NBU is monitoring the site at Hawkinge and carrying out active surveillance at two other sites in Folkestone.


A nest was located on 5th of August. It has been destroyed and removed.


A nest was located on 5th of August and has been destroyed.


On 7th of August the NBU located a nest. Destruction is due to take place later this week.

Active operations continue at a separate location in Deal, while another site is being monitored.


The secondary nest located in Plymouth was destroyed and removed on 4th of August.


The NBU located another nest in Portland on 4th of August. Both nests were destroyed on 5th of August. Surveillance is on-going.

04/08/2023 - Update


On 3rd of August the National Bee Unit (NBU) destroyed a primary Asian hornet nest in Folkestone. Surveillance will continue to carry out surveillance in the area to determine if a secondary nest is present.

The NBU is carrying out active operations at Hawkinge, another site in Folkestone and single locations in Whitstable, Maidstone, Dover and Deal.

There have also been further credible sightings at separate locations in Folkestone, Dover and Deal which the NBU are monitoring.


In addition to the secondary nest due to be destroyed in Plymouth, the NBU is monitoring a second site in response to an unconfirmed suspected Asian hornet nest destroyed by a home owner.


The NBU has located a nest in Portland this morning. They are also conducting surveillance in a second location on the island.
 #13990  by AdamD
 16 Aug 2023, 09:50
We currently have to rely on our friends in the south to find and destroy them. Lets hope they can keep the hornet away for a bit longer.
 #13991  by MickBBKA
 17 Aug 2023, 01:17
Well, as expected, its got here and as expected the government has totally failed to prevent it. So we are on or own from now on. Dads army left to fight the enemy with no weapons. The recent article in the BBKA mag on a war gamed event pretty much sums up the lack of interest from the government. Like the fishing community the beekeeping community is of such little economic value we can all go and get lost. I am not looking forward to the future as I have enough trouble with wasps never mind AH. Lions lead by donkeys..........
 #14003  by AdamD
 24 Aug 2023, 12:09
Asian Hornet Week 2023 - Special Briefings for Beekeepers

The BBKA was planning to have a zoom briefing by Andrew Durham but this has been changed to YouTube.

"Due to unprecedented demand, and restricted meeting numbers, we are sadly not able to accommodate everyone via the Zoom meeting platform for these briefings. Therefore, we will also be live streaming the briefings to YouTube to enable as many people as possible to attend.

The YouTube link will be available from 7.00pm on Wednesday 6th and Thursday 7th September".

Andrew has written in the BBKA magazine about this topic and this has to be a 'must-watch' event for anyone concerned about the Asian Hornet.
 #14004  by AdamD
 24 Aug 2023, 12:12
As of 22nd August the number of found asian hornet nests has increased to 24. :shock:
How many will it be by the 22nd October?
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