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 #12074  by AdamD
 14 Oct 2021, 09:14
Asian Hornets have recently been found near Ascot.
According to the BBKA, the nest has been destroyed.
 #12075  by Caroline
 14 Oct 2021, 17:46
About 35 miles from me, will be less as 'the hornet flies'...
 #12076  by AdamD
 15 Oct 2021, 12:05
Wow, that's a bit too close for comfort. :o
 #12128  by MickBBKA
 27 Oct 2021, 02:00
Well its been 2 weeks and no further news or updates. Usual crap from the dads army approach of the NBU and government. 20,000 human migrants coming from France this year so there will never be any chance of stopping this insect migration of Asian hornets, its a waste of time and effort when the people in charge show such little regard for the stake holders. They are coming and we all need to think about how we will deal with it after the NBU, DEFRA and the government have failed.
 #12131  by Alfred
 27 Oct 2021, 06:32
Ive no doubt that beekeepers will find a working solution.
Only to be prevented from using it by those same authorities.
The bbka will be too preoccupied with their meetings and exams to notice.
 #12167  by AdamD
 01 Nov 2021, 12:39
An Asian Hornet nest has recently been found in Chichester.
 #12171  by Caroline
 01 Nov 2021, 17:42
Oh blimey! That's even closer to me than the last one! 13 miles by car, even less by a flying insect!!! :|
 #12172  by Caroline
 01 Nov 2021, 17:51
Just looked on BeeBase and location detailed as Portsmouth, a bit further away but still too close for comfort....
 #12175  by AdamD
 02 Nov 2021, 10:05
If spring was cool for you, as it was for me, the nest will not be too big and won't have mature females. Let's hope so.
 #12177  by MickBBKA
 02 Nov 2021, 19:57
Hornets are coming, you know nothing John Snow !
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