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Bee Hive building & a place to share howto's on equipment
 #10391  by Alfred
 25 Mar 2021, 21:37
Finally got round to finishing the pair of roofs I've been making
New covers and screws but everything else is upcycled so all-in material cost is under £9 each.

They match the new floors

Again mesh and screws were new ,everything else reclaimed,total cost around £3 10s each
Hopefully won't run out of kit this year....
 #10393  by AdamD
 26 Mar 2021, 16:17
Look good!
I have a few floors from various places and the annoying thing is that the varroa trays differ in size. Consistency does make things easier if you can do it. But for £ 3 -10/- a bargain!
I like the pattern on the roofs, almost Bet Lynch leopard print! :)
 #10429  by Alfred
 30 Mar 2021, 18:14
Succumbed to the Dark Side and made up some retro fit landing boards.
I think they look ridiculous and will give the deer-plague extra leverage on the hives but the amount of yellow pollen spaltted around the entrances today looks like the aftermath of a paintball tournament
Cant justify the waste of their efforts.
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