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 #9862  by Patrick
 24 Jan 2021, 18:23
Well because I am a sucker for trying out things (new to me, anyway), have purchased a tub of pollen sub and will see how the bees like it made up as patties.

I am not convinced at my colony numbers the findings will be terribly conclusive but if the spring weather is as bad as it was a couple of years ago it could be useful, as most of the colonies came out of that winter rather small that year. Picked up well enough in time but although still had winter feed I suspect may have run low on protein. If its a great early spring probably won't need anything.
 #9873  by Patrick
 25 Jan 2021, 23:46
The price of Ultra bee pollen sub seems to be increasing rapidly.

The 10lb pail I bought last week has gone up again and is now £33.54 plus carriage. Last year it was £22.00. The 50lb sack was £69.00 last year is now £104.47 plus carriage, over 50% price increase. Anybody know why?

I understand your pain Chris.