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Bee's Need Flowers...… whats more to say?
 #8861  by Bobbysbees
 12 Sep 2020, 19:38
In the northeast England the ivy is budding but not blooming yet. Does anyone have any advice for getting a good crop of honey from it? Or is it worth letting them just fill a super with it and letting them use it to over winter rather than using fondant? I have one good strong hive on a brood and a half and one not so strong on a double brood :?:
 #8875  by Bobbysbees
 14 Sep 2020, 09:57
Ty for the pic Steve. At least i know for certain that it is ivy round the garden now. Ty RGC i will watch out for the bright yellow pollen. Seems to be all bright orange at the moment. Any hints to what that might be from are welcome as im always keen to learn more. 👍
 #8876  by Steve 1972
 14 Sep 2020, 10:47
It all depends on what folk are growing in there ornamental gardens and flower beds in your lady friend in Alnwick grows a lot of Dahlia..not the big flowers but the daisy type flowers with heads around 2in big..the bees love them but that pollen is more of a orange colour..Ragwort is also in abundance at my Alnwick Apiary and the bees do also work that..i can't remember for certain but i am sure the pollen is yellow..

 #8887  by AdamD
 16 Sep 2020, 16:24
Random ivy plants are now starting to flower near me.
To answer Bobbysbees question, You may find that you will be able to take a super or a few frames of ivy off. It sets quickly in the frame to look like lard so don't take it off too late (!) and the honey is strong-flavoured initially. The flavour does mellow over time though.
 #8925  by Steve 1972
 19 Sep 2020, 19:04
The weather has been kind and what available forage is around is getting used but i do not think it is enough to get them up to winter strength on its own so i am still topping the feeders is good to see them still taking various coloured pollen in is what i seen them working today Balsam is added to the list but i don't know where it is so i could not get a picture..

This is in the Mint family so i have been told..the bees have a fairly big patch of it to collect there delights..


Dahlia..not sure about nectar but it produces lots of dark orange pollen..


Sunflowers that have been scattered by the birds from the garden feeders..i witnessed the proboscis firmly embedded into the flower head so i would say nectar was available..not sure on the pollen ..


This is a huge patch of Snow berries..i have never seen pollen collected from these but the bees have there heads firmly tucked into the flowers in big numbers so it certainly produces Nectar..

 #8926  by NigelP
 19 Sep 2020, 19:13
Nice pics Steve. I think the bees are taking anything they can get at the moment. I've never seen honey bees on sunflowers in my garden (lots of bumbles though) a game bird cover crop near one apiary with lots of late sunflowers....will take a closer look and camera.
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