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Bee's Need Flowers...… whats more to say?
 #8952  by AdamD
 20 Sep 2020, 19:45
At my office out apiary, the two colonies that have been recently moved there have little strips of pollen on some workers from himalayan balsam.
I have had bright orange pollen coming in over the past few weeks. Any ideas?
 #9039  by Steve 1972
 28 Sep 2020, 19:40
This really is a weird year for sure..i have two mature 15yr old Ceanothus shrubs in the garden right near the hives that are starting to go into bloom yet again..not just the odd flower but loads and many more flower buds forming..the bees are all over it collecting pollen and maybe nectar as it has been 17C here today..

 #9041  by Chrisbarlow
 28 Sep 2020, 21:04
Yup, strange it is. In a grass field a couple of weeks back and there was a large swathe of thistle just starting to bloom. No dead thistles in it at all, just starting to become brilliant purple.
 #9072  by MickBBKA
 05 Oct 2020, 01:31
Ivy coming into flower which is very early here. Usually it flowers too late for the bees to fly and forage for it, but everything has been a month early here this year as last winter was so mild.
Lots of Russian vine locally and at the one out apiary that has HB near by the bees are working their socks off on it, even in the torrential weather the last few days, they are nuts..LOL
 #9082  by Chrisbarlow
 05 Oct 2020, 17:37
Bobbysbees wrote:
03 Oct 2020, 19:25
Or as we in Scotland call it Liquid Sunshine. :lol:
Liquid sunshine ... That's a great phrase 😂
 #9287  by Steve 1972
 19 Oct 2020, 13:51
The Ivy started flowering a few days ago and it is covered in bees and wasps..not sure if any nectar is going into the hives put lots of pollen is definitely going in.

 #9288  by Patrick
 19 Oct 2020, 15:40
That’s interesting Steve - ours seems like it is beginning to go over. Went and checked an out nuc yesterday and couldn’t believe the activity, lots of ivy pollen going in as well. Not very heavy however so slapped on some fondant. as it was still and 14 degrees, pulled out a couple of frames. Loads of capped brood, so that’s where grubs going 👍.

Anyone else noticed the sweet chestnuts are really good this year? Never seen such good ones, they are usually like beech mast but this years crop are the real deal. Looking forward to some roasted when weather changes.
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