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 #8414  by Steve 1972
 08 Aug 2020, 19:00
It was my Birthday nearly a month ago and my lady friend ordered me a card from abroad that finally arrived today..only a beekeeper would understand this and even more so the missus... :D ..

 #8418  by Patrick
 09 Aug 2020, 02:15

I once had several newly put together supers on their sides to take up less room in a corridor . They suddenly got pressed into use as impromptu shelving units.

I actually got ticked off when I finally removed them to put on hives!
 #8419  by Chrisbarlow
 09 Aug 2020, 09:27
Guys, that's so funny. A mate of mine had four unmade supers in his living room for 12months as a coffee table. I could not believe his girlfriend put up with it. My cap off to him.