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Bee Hive building & a place to share howto's on equipment
 #4182  by NigelP
 20 Jul 2019, 18:26
Everyone gets obsessed with embossing ...Miller in his classic book "50 years amongst bees" used IIRC flat sheets of wax and let the bees get on with it. If it worked then it will work now.

For is too short to roll my own...a trip to Thornes and a wax exchange usually does the trick.
Also for me I do a lot of cut comb...I only use the thin unwired foundation in's also cheaper and you cannot get your home made sheet of wax foundation that thin....Home made sheets are also brittle as they don't get the candling (rolling and pressing) that the professionals outfits use.

My advice is concentrate on honey production =money in bank= buy foundation=more time to sit and enjoy that glass of wine/G&T etc.
 #4187  by Patrick
 20 Jul 2019, 19:27
Like Nigel I only use unwired.thin super foundation. It means that all the best capped combs for cut comb are automatically on the right foundation. Simples.

As long as you get it to the wax conversion (not straight swap) place on the way to something else or at a show, a 10lb lump of wax and £15 gets you 200 sheets back - which themselves weigh pretty much 10lb in wax. That’s a whole stack of supers to re-wax.

I certainly do DIY and it’s not always about any cost saving but... it’s just not worth tooling up to do at my current or likely scale.

But all credit if it’s your bag.
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