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Bee Hive building & a place to share howto's on equipment
 #7305  by AdamD
 22 May 2020, 13:01
Looks like a super from a WBC hive - My guess is that the wax moths have long gone; although scorching with a blow lamp is good practice in any case. For woodworm, it's a fair assumption that chemical treatment will kill all insects so that would include bees. A quick look at websites says that freezing is unlikely to kill all stages of woodworm. Heating to 140F will. (60C). That's pretty well the super in a black bin liner during the heat of a sunny day.
 #7306  by Snowman
 22 May 2020, 13:22
AndrewLD wrote:
22 May 2020, 12:18
Before Abelo take over the world :D
You can get a Thorne National Budget hive in English cedar complete with frames and foundation for £160 delivered compared with Abelo Poly equivalent(?) for £110 (but no frames or foundation or excluder) plus delivery £9.99.
Great thanks!
 #7308  by Patrick
 22 May 2020, 16:31
As this is beekeeping, so there must be a confusing range of views expressed 😁...

Firstly, if you need a second hive check with your Dad what type of bee hive it was. It looks like pine to me - hence having had a go at by woodworm. As Adam says, if it was many moons ago it could well be a WBC as they were at least 50% of hobby hives at one time but less common today. They were often pine and unless regularly painted they often can often be found gently rotting in a lopsided heap. The outer sloping lifts are the clue.

Secondly, woodworm holes are the evidence of the beetle previously exiting rather than present. It could be they left decades ago. Are the other components similarly affected? If not structurally affected, a couple of coats of Cuprinol Clear should see them usable. Scallops in woodwork from historic pupating wax moth is normally purely aesthetic. I have plenty of old kit with a few battle scars on it.

As you might of guessed, I will press into service any kit that is serviceable - however if it’s not compatible or shonky, don’t lumber yourself.