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Bee Hive building & a place to share howto's on equipment
 #4779  by NigelP
 09 Sep 2019, 17:23
Finally got around to making my sump pump syrup mixer...and boy does it work well.
You just add everything and let it get on with it....not sure how long it took to dissolve 25kg sugar in 17 litres of water, but dissolve it it did....for the more mathematical you will notice it's not quite 2:1....but near enough.
And with a "Y" connector with taps I can pump all but the very last bit directly into containers.
Couple of small issues to deal with like the mark I put to show the fill levels disappeared during the mixing.....and being cack handed I over filled one container....fortunately was on a concrete floor so easy to hose down and a bit tricky getting last drops out, but if I add a small tap at the bottom that will sort that issue.

For anyone interested the set up is a water barrel (or similar) a sump pump sat in bottom and hose from outlet of sump pump to "Y" connector and one hose back into barrel to recirculate everything and the other to fill containers with when dissolved (all held in place with jubilee clips and cable ties.
What had become an annual chore is now going to be a relatively simple job....only another 175kg of sugar to go .
Cost...was around £50 for parts and £88 for 200kg of sugar. Still far cheaper than buying than invert at whatever price you can get it for....although I was tempted.
 #4857  by NigelP
 20 Sep 2019, 20:15
After buying some of the Abelo adjustable stands (just add wood) There is n o going back. Brilliant, take 4 hives and can be set up level on any terrain. One of my heather sites is on a big slope...worth their weight in gold....they aren't cheap but perhaps not that expensive...
 #4865  by Chrisbarlow
 22 Sep 2019, 15:16
I've made one up (stand) but with all the faf and messing, I'm not overly impressed. I reckon it cost about £10 to make. Breeze blocks and timber is much e easier and better

Been making some multi function crown boards. I'm more happy with these. I've knocked 9 up so far with wood for another two.
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