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General Q&A, Bee chat and only Bee chat please
 #9501  by Patrick
 17 Nov 2020, 15:37
Likewise here Nigel, combination of warm flying weather and prolonged Ivy pollen, weird but welcome (I think).

Steamed out some old pollen clogged and ropey brood combs at the weekend, plus a few other knackered frames. Interested to see some boiled wax moth larvae on the top bars when I dismantled the steamer. No visible sign of them at all on the combs when i was sorting them but obviously dug well in and nigh invisible. If I had left them in the stacks until next April could have been a right pain. Just goes to show overwintering brood combs has to done with care. I usually only overwinter relatively pale drawn brood comb, but as our winters are getting ever milder maybe we need to take more care.
 #9512  by Chrisbarlow
 20 Nov 2020, 19:57
putting together the local association newsletter. bit late for November but been a busy month.

procrastinating about how to sell honey online via Facebook. there appears to be many virtual markets appearing, which is an interesting avenue.

Putting a little fondant on a couple of nucs and a colony that I didnt feed as much as I should have
 #9519  by Steve 1972
 23 Nov 2020, 16:58
Been busy but on Saturday I fed fondant to two of the four nucs in the garden three of which look strong and one is 50/50 as to whether it will get through winter..
Then of up to the Alnwick aipiary..I have been waiting for a nice Saturday to remove five syrup feeders and the long awaited Amitraz strips..Saturday was mild so all got the feeders and strips removed but all felt a tad under weight..
I had fondant with me but I forgot to stick some eke's in the motor..luckily I had left two eke's in my Alnwick bee shed so I gave the two lightest hives what fondant I had and ordered more for the weekend..
I don't understand why they feel under weight though as all have had more than enough syrup..maybe this weired mild weather is causing them to be more active than they should be..and in doing so making the bees fly with nothing to forage on thus causing them to munch through there stores when they get back from a failed forage flight..
 #9520  by Patrick
 23 Nov 2020, 18:59
I think you are on the money Steve - my bees are still flying like it’s April most days, they will be getting through stores at a rate.

Saw white and red dead nettle in flower and several arable weeds. Whether they are producing any nectar however is another thing. Ivy now finished as far as I can see.
 #9521  by Chrisbarlow
 23 Nov 2020, 19:09
It's looks like it's gonna be an interesting winter, I think stocking up on fondant will be the order
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