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General Q&A, Bee chat and only Bee chat please
 #6319  by DianeBees
 10 Apr 2020, 11:42
How many branches/associations are offering online training?

I'm looking at offering something but am exploring options at the moment.
 #6323  by Chrisbarlow
 10 Apr 2020, 15:32
Nothing from local association that I'm aware of.

I suspect moodle will be beyond most associations skills sets

I don't know how Google classroom works but could have potential exploring this

I would suggest a member only forum on the association website, supported by a WhatsApp group and possibly zoom or Google Hangouts visual meetings.

The difficulty comes with training the practical inspection. Not impossible but certainly needs thinking about.

Are you enquiring about new Beekeepers courses or up skilling existing Beekeepers in a specifics areas?
 #6325  by NigelP
 10 Apr 2020, 16:31
Tees Bees are doing a virtual talk on propolis using zoom later this month...which of all the types I've tried seems to be the easiest to use for multi purpose and free for 40 minutes of virtual conference. They had a practise session this week that went well.
It was cool ......whoever was speaking is enlarged to be the focus of your screen and little pictures of everyone else around the sides.
 #6327  by AdamD
 11 Apr 2020, 08:45
I'm not aware of anything.. A few years ago, I think it was Roger P who was seen as part of a BBKA video of some sort. Is that available?
 #6332  by Japey Edge
 11 Apr 2020, 12:17
Zoom is really good and useful. I've used it a lot recently for non-bee-related stuff. There are loads of settings so you can adapt it to what you want.
I'm doing a live inspection today for family and friends to link into on Zoom - should keep the kids entertained at least. I'm testing to see if the video quality is good enough on my phone & Zoom to show eggs in cells. That would be ideal.
 #6336  by AndrewLD
 11 Apr 2020, 17:00
I was asked just the other day if I would do my Asian Hornet briefing on Zoom. After reading the Wikipedia entry for Zoom, I declined and am now looking at other options such as WebEx. There are a number of issues highlighted in the entry that revolve around the sharing of data, security and it is reported that the program previously prevented uninstalling by immediately reinstalling itself in the background. That and reports by Wikipedia that Zoom uses Chinese servers has prompted me to stay clear of it. I have no other information other than Wikipedia but frankly, it was enough to convince me to look elsewhere.
 #6337  by NigelP
 11 Apr 2020, 18:14
You are worried the Chinese are going to steal your Asian Hornet talk..../Big grin/
It works fine, they all do. As my IT challenged person is, Zoom proved very easy to set up. soon as I installed it flagged up all of my contacts who had also installed that is creepy.
 #6343  by AndrewLD
 11 Apr 2020, 20:25
Joke about this if you like but these programs are not offered out of charity. You really should read the Wikipedia entry and consider whether you want your data shared with third parties (of course you did give permission for that, it will be in the licence agreement) and the idea of a program sitting on my computer that could not be uninstalled is very worrying. The Chinese angle - let's just say that they have a different concept when it comes to individual privacy and data rights.
Like lambs to the slaughter......
 #6348  by Japey Edge
 11 Apr 2020, 22:08
For me, I don't have anything crucial that any government will find useful, I don't think.

Now the devices you stick in the home and ask to check the weather, they listen to everything. Have you read the articles on people requesting their information? Very interesting.

Also with Wikipedia, who says the competition didn't just write it? If you don't want people listening to you nowadays you need to live off grid.
 #6355  by MickBBKA
 12 Apr 2020, 03:16
NigelP wrote:
11 Apr 2020, 18:14
as soon as I installed it flagged up all of my contacts who had also installed that is creepy.
What I find creepy is my customer contacts from my business phone keep appearing on my Face Book suggested friends list. They are not friends. Its obviously linking their phone numbers with mine...
Anyway, as Nigel says, here at Teesbees we are having a Zoom meeting on Monday. Lets see how it go's...

Cheers, Mick.