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General Q&A, Bee chat and only Bee chat please
 #10058  by Steve 1972
 21 Feb 2021, 09:33
This picture was taken on the 20th February last year in the North east... the weather is almost the same now apart from the wind that is bringing the mercury down a little..

 #10061  by Patrick
 21 Feb 2021, 16:22
Very mild but overcast, so seized the moment and put on a few pollen patties in orchard apiary. Bees remarkably lively and actively bringing in real pollen (Mistletoe abundantly flowering at the mo) so conventional wisdom says they will ignore sub. Let’s see.

Few colonies now lightening up rapidly and will need fondant. Flipped up crownboards and all clusters seem to have moved up to the top box. I overwintered on summer supers nadired under the brood box, which does mean hefting is a bit more subjective with more woodwork included. It was another experiment, rather hoping I don’t end up with any still clogged supers by the time the dandelion kicks off..
 #10064  by Steve 1972
 21 Feb 2021, 19:48
It has been a cracking day today in my Northumberland apiary ..the bees where everywhere covering the masses of snowdrops and gathering pollen..i suited up and checked them all for fondant and all was good..i also noticed them collecting water from the compost in the black tubs which the sun must have warmed to there desire..i did see a lot of new hairy bees flashing there Nasonov gland to let the other new bees know where home is so the bees must have been rearing brood for a while..
In my Hartlepool apiary the bees where also very active taking big loads of pollen in from the crocus and small daffodils (i thought daffs where of little use to bees)??..

Like you Patrick i also give each colony in the Alnwick apiary some pollen subs to be on the safe side in case the weather gets bad again..which it will for sure..

Here is a few pictures i took today from the Alnwick bees at the entrance of the strongest colony with a 2019 Buckfast Queen..



 #10066  by Cable_Fairy
 21 Feb 2021, 22:16
Had a quick look yesterday as the temp had reached 12. They are clustered on frames 2 to 5 at the front of the hive, the back frames still have lots of honey both capped and uncapped. I overwintered on summer supers nadired under the brood box, I may stop feeding them this week assuming the temp stays up.
 #10067  by MickBBKA
 22 Feb 2021, 02:04
Every Colony I put pollen sub on has taken it all in 3 days and all my colonies are red hot on the crown boards. The bees have started, I hope Spring doesn't let them down.
 #10074  by Steve 1972
 22 Feb 2021, 13:39
As predicted the weather is pants today with very little activity which is a shame as the crocus have gone into full i have given the four Hartlepool colonies pollen subs to tide them over till the weather warms up again allowing the bees to gather natural pollen again.
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