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 #9777  by AdamD
 11 Jan 2021, 09:07
Here's a couple of photos of a WBC where a mouse took up residence this winter.
It had stripped the foil insulation off the polystyrene except where the brick was. THe mouse scurried away into the flowerbed nearby.
 #9778  by Patrick
 11 Jan 2021, 09:46
Interesting place for a nest and so not a total disaster then!

Unlike when I left a stack of overwintered supers without a cownboard or queen excluder at the base. The chewed combs were obviously a right off as were their associated poo stained combs and frames. Basically everything bar the upper couple of supers (the nest was mid stack) was deemed a right off. As they were all 8 to a box fat combs took a while to get back to square one. A mistake i hope I only make once.

Noticed a really high number of wintering and breeding woodlice above my crownboards this year. Literally hundreds if not thousands. Always notice a few but this year they are going for it. Not doing any harm. Only noticed a couple of hibernating queen wasps however.
 #9780  by Chrisbarlow
 11 Jan 2021, 17:37
It's always nice Adam when folks start keeping new pets :D
 #9864  by AdamD
 25 Jan 2021, 10:42
More mice..
Checked the varroa tray of another WBC yesterday; one that is just 3 metres from the one shown above. There's mouse droppings that have fallen through the mesh floor. Lifting up the crown-board, I could see that the bees were clustered nicely. So do I leave them alone or investigate further?